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Coal and Collieries.

This page is dedicated to coal mining and the folk who have worked and still work in the industry, mainly the U/K coal industry.
My thanks to Paul Nix who sent me old photos of Clifton Colliery and to Graham Jones,and John Flinders, who worked with me at Clifton for their help in reminding me of the names of the electrical staff plus some funny incidents.

My name is John Waudby, I spent most of my working life in underground mines, mostly coal but I did work in a couple of hard rock mines. I served my apprenticeship as an electrician with the now defunct National Coal Board at Clifton and Cotgrave Collieries in Nottinghamshire U/K. The old East Midlands Division. South Nott's No6 Area of  the NCB.
Please be patient, I am still constructing my page, it will be an ongoing project, so visit often.

My appologies, my page was taken down for a while by my "host's", I am now in the process of uploading my origonal and new files, this will take me some time, so please visit often to see what is new.


Clifton Colliery pit top, date unknown.

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